Sunday, February 05, 2006

Submission Information

So you're interested in submitting a manga review, that's great. I only have a few stipulations.

1) Follow the format of other reviews on the Main Page. This means provide the following:
  • Group or Company that's working on it (refer to Manganews)
  • (Optional) Author and Volume Number
  • Topic of the manga (i.e. Sports, High School, Supernatural, etc.)
  • Warnings (Gore, Nudity, Sexual Innuendo, Excessive foul language, etc.)
  • Summary of the plot (Minimum 1 Paragraph)
  • Commentary -- What you feel about the manga (Minimum 1 Paragraph)
  • Rating -- A score out of 10.

2) If you're working on a given series, meaning you're actually a member of staff working on that series, I ask you not to review that series. I'd like these reviews to remain as objective as possible.

3) Please don't act like a fanboy when you write a review. I realize a review is, by it's nature, subjective. But please try and give a series a fair analysis. I will throw out submissions that say stuff like, "OMG NARUTO IS TEH BEST MANGA EVAR! HE COULD SO KICK GOKU'S ASS!"

To submit a review get on IRC and send it to me (Karthon). I'm usually on and, so just get on either of those servers and preferably dcc me a text file of your review. If you cannot dcc, its ok to send me the review in a pm (private message).

When submitting a review please include some sort of contact information (email or irc nick) in the text file. This is so I can get back in contact with you if I want you to modify the review in any way (for example adding more details). This is also so I can give you credit when I post the reviews.

All reviews will be looked over by myself or one of my fellow mods before it is posted. As a result it may be a few days before you see your review popping up on the site. Please don't worry about this and please don't bug me about your review not appearing yet. If you think I might have lost/overlooked your review, please resend it after about a week.

Thank you very much, and I'm looking forward to your excellent submissions
-- Karthon


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