Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Q1) What is this site for?
A1) This site was created on 1/11/2006 in an attempt to write summaries and commentaries for various Manga which is available to the english-speaking public. The hope is for the community to contribute reviews and for the site to slowly blossom into a comprehensive collection of reviews and summaries, so that people looking for new series to read will no longer have to rely on trial and error.

Q2) I'd like to write a review. How do I do this?
A2) Great! Please look at the reviews that have already been written for an idea of the format, and look at the Submission Information.

Q3) I disagree with the review you posted about XXXX.
A3) That's perfectly understandable. Reviews are, by their nature, subjective. Feel free to post your opinion as a comment (please keep it civil). If you're motivated to, you can also write a review and I'll include it along with the original review, allowing readers to get opposing views on a series.

Q4) How do I contact you?
A4) I'm usually reachable on IRC as Karthon on either the or networks. Until I get around to setting up an extra email account for submissions I won't post my email here.

Q5) I'm not sure how to use IRC. Please help?
A5) There are plenty of articles on google about this, when I get a chance I'll find a link to one of the better ones. In the meanwhile you can just google for "IRC connection guide/faq."

Q6) Damn your page is ugly.
A6) I'm aware of this. I plan on eventually porting it over to a site that will support a better search engine, as well as cover-scans, etc. However I only started this site recently so I'd prefer to focus my efforts on writing reviews and getting reviews into the system. If you're a webdesigner that's interested in helping me create a nicer looking layout, please contact me as per Q3. If you're an artist who's interested in doing some art (for example for the top of the page), please contact me as well.

Q7) How do you rate the various series?
A7) Well there's no single way that all the contributers rate series. After all a rating is merely assigning a value of how much you liked a series. Personally I try to use the following formula, but only loosely. 3 points for art (character art and background art split those points evenly), 3 points for plot, 2 points for character development, and 2 point for miscellaneous. Sometimes the story is good but it just doesn't grab me, whereas sometimes I can't stop reading even if I want to. That's characterized in the miscellaneous section. Of course, it varies drastically from reviewer to reviewer, please don't take this as an end-all-be-all formula.


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